Arch Bishop

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Arch Bishop
Job Base(s): Priest
High Priest
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Prontera Sanctuary
Number of Skills: 19
Total Skill Points: 104
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+5 +4 +5 +8 +6 +0


Arch Bishops are the pinnacle of the Priest Jobs. Their names are often abbreviated and referred to as "AB". They have a wide variety of skills at their disposal allowing them to better support large parties while striking down a greater range of enemies with Holy magic.

Job Change Guide

See Arch Bishop Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into an Arch Bishop from a Priest or High Priest requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • A Holy Pilgrimage
  • A Prayer for the blessing of the Gods
  • Granting relief to a tormented Valkyrie

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Arch Bishop. The journey begins in the Prontera Sanctuary!



Party Menu Healing / Buffing

The most effective way to heal and buff a party is through the Party Menu (accessible through Alt + Z). Trying to heal a party by manually clicking players can become impossible when players become mobbed or are bunched up, and can lead to players dying. This is why it is strongly recommended to make use of the party menu. Another benefit to the party menu is the ability to monitor all players' health. Ensure that the "Lock Menu" feature is on (by clicking the picture of the lock) when using this system to avoid opening private messages when trying to heal / buff a player.


SP Conservation / Restoration

One of the biggest issues new priests have when playing the Job is maintaining their SP. There are many ways for priests to ensure that they always have SP for those dire situations. These are some important methods on maintaining SP:

  • Always ensure that Magnificat is on at all times. This skill will not only keep a much higher regeneration rate of SP for the Priest, but also to the killers in the party that rely on SP for skill use as well. Keeping this buff up will make parties much smoother for everybody. Try not to wait until SP is bottoming out to cast this spell, because at that point it will already be too late.
  • Make use of the Assumptio (Transcendent only) or Kyrie Eleison (often abbreviated as "KE") skills. These skills are incredible for keeping people protected and will drastically save SP on healing in the long run. These skills can help fragile AoE killer Jobs such as Rangers or caster Jobs (Wizard / Sage) a lot. These defensive skills can also help the party tank quite a bit. Note that any character cannot have both buffs on at the same time. An Arch Bishop can also use Praefatio, which will give KE to all party members. If the Priest notices that certain party members are lagging behind, using KE on them will give them time and leeway to retreat back to where the party is.
  • Stack SP Regeneration or Max SP increase equipment. Gearing a Priest up with equipment that will increase their SP regeneration or SP pool will vastly help a player to maintain SP at all times.
  • Always have SP regeneration consumables on hand. All players should have SP consumables on hand at all times to regenerate SP, at least in emergencies, and this includes Priests as well. As most Jobs should have HP healing items of some sort on them at all times, Priests should also have SP rejuvenating items on them.

Primary Arch Bishop Skills and Usage

There are several skills that every Arch Bishop should have to be a successful support Job for their party.

Clementia: AoE party Blessing, should be kept up at all times.

Cantocandidus: AoE party Increase AGI, should also be kept up at all times.

Sacrament: The single most important buff that Arch Bishops have. It reduces fixed cast time by 50% and should be casted onto the Arch Bishop themselves at all times. In PVM situations, prioritize Warlocks, Sorcerers with this skill in typical party situations. This is also useful for Suras for quickly re-casting Mental Strength and Zen, good if a Rune Knight is using Dragon Breath to help kill for the party, and for Royal Guards using Sacrifice. For MVPs, the Geneticist, Sura, and Rune Knight Jobs must always be buffed with Sacrament.

Coluseo Heal: AoE Heal with a boosted rate based on number of party members. It is very useful but can be SP consuming; it should be used scrupulously as needed.

As an extension to the Priest Job, Arch Bishops still rely on some First and Second Job skills in order to maximize efficiency and conserve SP.

Meditatio: This skill should be maxed. Increases the player's Maximum SP and SP regeneration rate. Meditatio also increases the amount of HP that is restored using the Heal skill.

Heal: cheaper to use than High Heal and good when a party member has taken only very little damage.

Magnificat: Priests rely on this heavily for SP regeneration.

Resurrection: Mandatory for PVM / MVP party situations, as deaths are inevitable. Always have this skill maxed for instant resurrection.

Some Useful Tips

Arch Bishops should remember that Lex Aeterna loses its rather long after-cast delay if used under the effect of Magic Strings, to the point when it can be constantly casted. This is a great way to double the damage output of parties, especially in single target situations such as MVPs.

Some skills in the priests arsenal may not serve a strong use while still leveling as a Priest, but many may have uses in MVP situations or other specific scenarios. These should be hotkeyed as well, and often an Arch Bishop will have all four rows of hotkeys used up. Some of these include:

Pneuma: a very powerful and necessary skill for Endless Tower runs as well as when fighting ranged mobs within a party. Certain ranged mobs and ranged skills are very powerful and this spell can save players a lot of stress. Make sure the party members are positioned correctly. Nine people can actually fit into one Pneuma's area of effect!

Aspersio: This skill will greatly improves a party member's physical damage when the monsters are weak to the Holy element, as they are.

Status Recovery and Cure: Priests must pay attention to debuffs used by monsters and should use the two skills on their party members accordingly.

Sanctuary: This spell has great healing power for a low SP cost (but uses one blue gemstone). Heavily recommended to have this skill at level 7, as that already provides the maximum healing power already (8-10 is just longer duration).


Job Data


See Priest Skills or High Priest Skills for Second Job Skills.

Skill Description Levels SP Cast Time Cool down Type
Adoramus-icon.png Adoramus
Deals Holy magical damage to a single foe (MATK * 6~15 * (BaseLV / 100)), (4~40% + JobLV / 2) inflicts Blindness and reduces target's AGI by 3~12. 12 cells range. Consumes a Blue Gemstone unless adjacent to an Acolyte-Job character. 10 20~56 0F + 2V 2 (0.5) Offensive
Ancilla-icon.png Ancilla
Creates 1 Ancilla used for several other Arch Bishop skills. Ancilla recovers 15% SP when used.
Consumes a Blue Gemstone. Maximum of 3 Ancillas can be carried and are character bound.
1 30% 1 Active
Cantocandidus-icon.png Cantocandidus
Casts Increase AGI (at the highest level learned on said skill) on party members in a 3/7/15-cell radius around you. Additional +1 AGI per 10 JobLVs. 3 ?/?/240 1F + 3V Supportive
Clearance-icon.png Clearance
Removes the following status ailments and status buffs from target monster or party member at 68~100% chance: Blind, Frozen, Stone, Bleeding, Stun, Chaos, Poison, Curse, Sleep, Silence, Hallucination, Guillotine Cross Poisons, Venom Impression, Fear, Rune Knight rune buffs, Burning, Freezing, Crystallization, White Imprison, Force of Vanguard, Blood Sucker, Mandragora Howling, Shadow Formation, Body Painting, Deep Sleep, Harmonize, Despair Song, Siren's Voice, Gloomy Shyness, Saturday Night Fever, Critical Wound. Cannot self-target. Cannot target hostile players. 5 54~78 0F + 5V 10 Active
Clementia-icon.png Clementia
Casts Blessing (at the highest level learned on said skill) on party members in a 3/7/15-cell radius around you. Additional +1 bonus stat per 10 JobLVs. 3 ?/?/360 1F + 3V Supportive
Coluseo Heal-icon.png Coluseo Heal
Casts Heal (at the highest level learned on said skill) on party members in a 3/7/15-cell radius around you. +2.5% bonus healing for each party member affected. 3 ?/?/240 1F + 3V 2 Supportive
Duple Light-icon.png Duple Light
For 90~360 seconds, 12~30% chance of inflicting either ATK*1.1~2 damage (with your weapon's element) or MATK*2.2~4 neutral element magic damage on each successful non-skill melee attack. 10 55~100 2F + 2V Active
Epiclesis-icon.png Epiclesis
Resurrect friendly dead players in a 5x5 area on the ground. Enchants that area with a holy tree for 18~30 seconds: Increase maximum HP by 5~25%; Restore 3~5% HP and 2~4% SP every 3 seconds; uncloaks hidden creatures every 5 seconds. Does not affect undead element players.
Requires 1 Holy Water and 1 Ancilla.
5 300 2F + 0.5~2.5V 60 Supportive
Eucharistica-icon.png Eucharistica
Increase attack power and resistance against Demons and Shadow monsters by 1~10% each. 10 Passive
Expiatio-icon.png Expiatio
Target ally's attacks has 5~25% defense bypassing for 30~150 seconds. 5 35~55 1F + 1V Supportive
High Heal-icon.png High Heal
Heals target with 2~3.2x power. 5 70~190 0F + 1V 3 Supportive
Judex-icon.png Judex
Deals Holy magical damage to target foe and its adjacent foes within 3x3 area (MATK * 3~4 * (Base Level / 100)). 5 20~32 2.5 (0.5) Offensive
Lauda Agnus-icon.png Lauda Agnus
50~80% chance to remove Frozen, Stone, Blind, Freezing, Crystallization, and Burning from party members. Party members not affected by these statuses have 5~8 VIT for 60 seconds. 4 50~80 0F + 1V 3 Supportive
Lauda Ramus-icon.png Lauda Ramus
50~80% chance to remove Silence, Sleep, Stun, Mandragora Howling, and Deep Sleep from party members. Party members not affected by these statuses have 5~8 LUK for 60 seconds. 4 50~80 0F + 1V 3 Supportive
Oratio-icon.png Oratio
Reduce Holy element resistance of enemies in a 15-cell radius around you by 2~20%, with success rate of 45~90%. 10 36~62 5 2 Active
Praefatio-icon.png Praefatio
Casts Kyrie Eleison on party members in a 18-cell radius around you. +2% absorption limit for party member affected. 10 60~150 1F + 2V 13~40 Supportive
Renovatio-icon.png Renovatio
For 90 seconds, recover 3% HP every 5 seconds on non-Undead target. Deals (Caster's Base Level x 10) + (Caster's INT) damage to Undead target. 1 30 2F + 3V 1 Supportive
Sacrament-icon.png Sacrament
For 60~180 seconds, target ally has -10~50% fixed cast time. 5 100~180 1F + 1V (0.5) Supportive
Silentium-icon.png Silentium
Inflict Silence status to foes in a 4~8-cell radius around you for 20~60 seconds. 5 24~40 0F + 4V 15 Supportive

Equipment Skills

Skill Description Levels SP Cast Time Cool down Type Equipment
Odin's Power-icon.png Odin's Power
For 60 seconds, +70 Equipment ATK and MATK. -20 Equipment DEF and MDEF. 1 70 Instant Instant Supportive Bible of Promise (1st Vol.)
For 60 seconds, +100 Equipment ATK and MATK. -20 Equipment DEF and MDEF. 2 Supportive Bible of Promise (2nd Vol.)

Skill Tree

File:Skilltre archbishop.png

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
STR 18 19 24 28 46
AGI 26 27 38 39
VIT 3 10 11 34 45
INT 1 7 8 22 32 40 41 49
DEX 5 14 15 36 44 50