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The Mado Gear is a new system exclusive to the Mechanic class. It drastically modifies how the game is played, seeing that a lot of new mechanics are introduced or expanded upon. Mados are powersuits somewhat similar to the ones on the Warhammer 40,000 series, since they're mostly robotic, they require require a lot of extension to perfom different actions, a constant fuel source and various types of ammunitions.


Mados operate on a similar fashion to an Exosuit, it is fully robotic, but it's user is required to move their limbs and overall, they have a lot of manual functions. Analyzing closer the Blacksmith class history, it is not hard to see how they evolved from metal manipulating to exoframes. Skills like Weapon Perfection imply that the -Smith is a knowledgeable person on how weaponry works and should be handled, as of course, to forge the best weapons, you need to have to be aware of weight, durability and so on.

With all that said, even though Blacksmiths have gradually evolved into a full combat class with the Whitesmith, they're not natural fighters, so, having so much knowledge on how to deal with weapons, high temperatures and always had to be aware that the minimum details could result in a catastrophic failure, they evolved their combat style from a direct approach, as they could never compare to true warriors like a Paladin or a Lord Knight, to one based on all of their knowledge, a mix of technology and magic, automatic and manual, to create the Madogear system.

The true origin of the system is not clear yet, looking at it and the Mechanic's Automatic Sentry Guns, the FAWs, it is easy to assume that Juperos was researched to a giant extense, as it is the only place that this level of magic and technology has come together. Even the mad cientist that created Juperos is now wandering there with his fully modified robot body.

On the recently discovered Verus, a city found between hidden ruins on Juperos, more robots, much more advanced than Venatus and Dimiks could ever hope to, were discovered, but not only that, it is obvious that the Madogear design is heavily inspired on these; Reconoissance Robots present the Mechanic skill Analyze, always activating it before engaging on their combat protocols, while clearly intended to get recon intruders and dispose them, the Excavation Robots is a different model that can scan a huge area by shining it's eye red, identical how Mados detect hidden enemies with Infrared Scan. Verus still is being explored right now, but it's reasonable to say that Mechanics and Verus are closely related, especially when you consider that the class signature weapon, the Pile Bunker, has been upgraded and newer sets of armor, exclusively made to reinforce the areas the class shines at, were made.

Basic Mechanics

Madogears can be adquired first when a Mechanic learns the skill Madogear License, then, the same can be used to mount on the suit, allowing the user to even mix Axe/Mado playstyles if necessary, besides this, Kafra's offer a special service that allows to get an instant free Madogear. Fuel is necessary to do about anything that is not move and melee attacks, these can be bought on the Item Mall or in Prontera's weapon/armor shop; each one weighs 3 and costs 357z (without discount). Having an open cart to carry a bunch of these is recommended, especially when going through long journeys like Endless Tower or Thanatos Tower.

Besides needing Fuel for anything, a lot of skills require the player to have a specific item on the inventory. The skills descriptions will always tell what is required for it's activation, you can also check Leika's wiki pages for those skills if you don't have a Mechanic to check personally. It is worth mentioning that skills do not consume an equal amount of fuel, while Hover requires one, Suicidal Destruction will ask for three. The skills will also work if they're equipped, but it's not recommended overall, as they provide poor defense and bonuses.

And finally, Overheat. Leika's case on Mechanic is quite different on this topic. Check the Status Effects page for more on that, but basically, Overheat is a Madogear exclusive status that damages you non-stop, it can be prevented with Emergency Cool.

As said on the class's page, Mechanic is not beginner friendly, even worse than it's brother/sister class, the Geneticist. playing a bunch of Axe early on and having parties can drastically minimize the costs, but you will need constant way to make money to sustain this class, doesn't matter if you're playing Axe or Mado.


NOTE: This section is only talking about Mado Mechanics, do not take these in consideration while using Axe, they're very different builds.

Mados are mostly a ranged offensive job. Designed to be on the middle, not with tankers or support, but to aid both when neccessary. Knuckle Boost and Arm Cannon can provide a good amount of damage, Cold Slower can control mobs and Analyze alongside Infrared Scan will be used against more annoying monsters, like mini bosses or Elusives. That is, on parties.

On solo game, you have Acceleration and the Slides abilities to prevent damage and help mobbing, then you can just Arm Cannon them away. With the appropriate equipment and element, most of non-end game mobs will quickly go on two, maximum of three shots.

It can be very hard to go on on the topic at this point, MVPs and PVP are extremely variable and most players can go on those for hours.

Limitations and Exceptions

Like with everyone, Mechanics are pron to weaknesses on areas that they lack in, in Mado's case, this is most noticeable on these two areas

Close encounters

Although Repair can be used to quickly heal yourself, it's cast can be interrupted and on parties, ABs will not be able to heal with my traditional means. Getting enemies to next to you is not preferable, but it's simply going to happen. Slides are your friends and Sorcerer are like a spouse, protect them and they will protect you. A Sorcerer + Mechanic combo is extremely threatning on any situation.


It is quite sad, but Mados are immune to a lot of buffs unless they're delivered on a specific way. Assaid, you cannot be healed by traditional such as Heal, Highness Heal or Coluceo Heal. Agi Up can only be obtained via Canto Candidus and others Mechanics cannot provide Adrenaline Rush bonus. It is worth mentioning that you cannot use skills learned by items, such as Hide from Smokie's card and Sight from Horong's card.


The following items are needed in order for a Mechanic to properly operate their Mado Gear.

Mado Gear Exclusive Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Acceleration-icon.png Acceleration
Increases the Mado Gear's movement speed for a short duration. 3 Supportive
Arm Cannon-icon.png Arm Cannon
Fires upon an enemy using a large cannon mounted on the mado gear. 3 Offensive
Back Slide (Mechanic)-icon.png Back Slide (Mechanic)
Move the Mado Gear quickly backwards. 1 Active
Boost Knuckle-icon.png Boost Knuckle
Shoot a rocket fist at a far away enemy 5 Offensive
Emergency Cool-icon.png Emergency Cool
Prevent Overheat status from the Mado Gear. 1 Supportive
Elemental Shift-icon.png Elemental Shift
Change the Mado Gear's elemental property. 4 Active
Front Slide-icon.png Front Slide
Move the Mado Gear quickly forward. 1 Active
Hover-icon.png Hover
Make the Mado Gear hover over the ground to avoid traps and magic attacks. 1 Active
Infrared Scan-icon.png Infrared Scan
Reveals all enemies in a large area, and may decrease their FLEE. 1 Active
Mado Gear License-icon.png Mado Gear License
Mount the Mado Gear. Decreases the movement speed penalty when operating a Mado Gear. Increases ATK by a small amount. 5 Passive
Remodel Mainframe-icon.png Remodel Mainframe
Increases DEF and overheat limit while mounted on a Mado Gear. 5 Passive
Repair-icon.png Repair
Allows the user to recover HP of any allied Mado Gear user. 5 Supportive
Suicidal Destruction-icon.png Suicidal Destruction
Detonates the mado gear causing horrific damage to the surrounding area. Has very long cooldown. 3 Offensive
Vulcan Arm-icon.png Vulcan Arm
Attacks enemies using a large caliber gun mounted on the Mado Gear. 3 Offensive