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There are many items that have been implemented on kRO that won't be available on other servers for quite some time. In order to provide our players with the ability to access these items, we've created the Lockbox System. The boxes have been designed to be always worth opening without affecting the game's economy or balance. They will never contain anything that can potentially unbalance the game, and if any item were to become available via the Lockbox System, they would be adjusted to become more balanced.

In order to keep the lockbox contents a surprise, we will not reveal full tables or drop chances/rules for the lockboxes or their contents. However, the information below should provide clues to give players an idea of what they can expect when they open such a box.

Lockbox Drop Rates

When killing monsters you will sometimes receive the following items:

  • Bronze Lockbox: Dropped by level 124> normal monsters at a 0.05% chance and level <100 MvPs at a 20% chance.
  • Silver Lockbox: Dropped by level 100~124 MvPs at a 10% chance, with certain exceptions.
  • Golden Lockbox: Dropped by level 125> MvPs at a 20% chance, with certain exceptions.

Lockbox Contents

Examples of what lockboxes could contain:

  • A fixed set of useful consumables.
  • Fixed one or two utility consumable items chosen from a list such as improved Battle Manuals, Mystical Card Album (modified), experience granting Tonics or Bloody Branches.
  • A fixed piece of Upgraded gear chosen from a list.
  • One headgear not obtainable anywhere else from a list, by a chance.
  • One useful weapon from a list, by a chance.
  • One new weapon not obtainable anywhere else from a list, by a chance.

Further Information

  • Certain high level MVPs that are easy to kill and/or have a short respawn timer (Lost Dragon for example) drop Silver Lockboxes instead of Golden Lockboxes.
  • Instance bosses aren't treated as MVPs in most cases and drop lockboxes appropriate to their level and difficulty.
  • To open one of those lockboxes, players will need to purchase a matching consumable key, which can be bought from the Cash Shop or Lazy Quartermaster.
  • Lockboxes have two states: Locked and Unlocked, specified by their names. Using the required key with a Locked Box (Misc Item) converts it into an Unlocked Box (Consumable Item) which can now be opened.
  • Locked boxes, unlocked boxes, and their appropriate keys are fully tradable.
  • Lockboxes are awarded through a custom script and aren't shown with commands such as @mi and @whodrops and dropped to the ground around the killer.