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Server Rules

Punishment for minor misdismeanor will generally begin with a
warning followed by a series of strikes of increased
punishment, and culminate in a permanent ban.

Serious infractions are met with immediate and permanent bans.

If you believe that you've been punished unjustly, you're free to
make an appeal by contacting a staff member in-game
(@request), through the forum or Discord.


Rule 1 - Censorship, Language, and General Etiquette

~  Leika was founded on the belief that the excessive moderation of speech
    ultimately corrodes the community and turns people paranoid as they're
    constantly walking on eggshells.

    Therefore, instead of enforcing draconian rules, we give people the
    opportunity to self-moderate and treat others the way they would
    like to be treated themselves.

    Such approach also frees the staff from having to deal with petty disputes
    and other such nonsense.

    This means that most topics are open to discussion, and casual profanity
    will not get you banned.

    Of course there are exceptions to this, as server's general integrity
    is more important than the freedom to run one's mouth:

1) If someone is asking you to stop hurling insults towards them,
    or to tone down your excessive profanity, kindly do so.
    Behaving in a childish and aggressive manner is
    detrimental to the community as a whole.

    The staff will interfere when things get out of,
    hand and act out of their own discretion.
    To put it simply, acting like an idiot will not get you far.

2) While no topic, other than illegal (in the US) ones, is off-limits, heated
    discussions which involve any sensitive subject such as politics,
    religions, race or sexuality, rarely end well.

    Thus the staff may step in to stop the discussion once
    insults start flying back and forth.

3) Context is everything, just because there's no profanity involved in an
    attack, doesn't mean you're free to constantly aggravate people.

    Likewise, profanity by itself doesn't mean much unless there's
    an ulterior motive.
    Players are encouraged to be civil with each other, and to solve petty
    disputes by themselves before bothering the staff about it.

4) If you're being actively harassed in private even after telling them to drop it,
    and using the /ignore feature, please contact the staff and provide evidence.
    Such behavior is not tolerated.

5) The staff may engage in banter but will absolutely not
    tolerate demands, baseless accusations or plain insults.
    If you have issues with the behavior
    of a staff member, bring that complaint to the administration.

6) Lying to the staff and crying wolf, will be severely punished.

7) The use of English is mandatory in #main and #map
    channels as this is an international server.
    It is also highly encouraged in Prontera but won't be
    enforced unless things get out of hand.

8) Advertisement of most kinds will be met with a permanent ban.
    One exception are your personal streaming channels and such,
    as long as you're an actual player.

9) Character, party and guild names/titles containing extreme
    profanity or personal attacks, are not allowed.
    You will be prompted to change them, or face punishment.

    Nobody wants to deal with a constant and childish eyesore day to day.

10) Spamming area skills and anything visually-intensive in cities
     just to be annoying, will not be tolerated.

11) Begging players or staff for zeny, items or help, will not be tolerated.

All communications sent through LeikaRO's game server belong to the sender.
Players should reasonably expect and be entitled to a certain degree
of privacy, and are offered such.

Only in the most serious cases of harassment, cheating or attempts to
sabotage the server, we will require screenshots of private conversations.

Overall, we expect you to behave like a civilized human being.

Players are free to contact the staff for any question they may have,
but please use the available resources (such as wiki or forum) or
ask other players before doing so.


Rule 2 - Mobs and MVPs

~  Like on most servers, MVPs on Leika are Free-For-All.
    This means that MVPs will not be "tagged" to a
    certain player or party.
    Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate.

~  Exceptions to this include MVPs summoned by Bloody
    Branch and Abracadabra.
    These MVPs belong to the player or group that summoned
    them, unless they have been abandoned.

~  The use of supportive abilities on MVPs will be dealt with
    on a case by case basis.
    This does not mean you can support MVPs for the sake of
    being annoying or stalling.
    You must be actively fighting for it.

~  Mob training for the purpose of mob dropping is not tolerated.
    This also applies to MVPs/Minibossess as well as "Dead Branching."

~  Kill-stealing can be prevented with the @noks command.
    The staff will not handle such cases.


Rule 3 - Third Party Programs, Cheating, and Exploits

~  Attempts to bot, cheat through third party programs or to
    bypass our GRF encryption will be met with an immediate
    and permanent ban for all accounts accessed by that IP.

~  Don't screw yourself or your friends over.

~  Exploitation of voting and donation systems will be met
    with a permanent ban.
    This includes the use of multiple IPs/accounts for voting.

~  AutoHotKey and similar programs are not allowed for general usage.
    Only simple macros for brewing are tolerated.

~  Exploiting any in-progress content or improperly implemented
    features will not be tolerated.
    If things seem off then please report them, and you may be rewarded.

~  Avoidance of in-game punishment will be met with even harsher punishments.
    "It can't be bargained with, it can't feel pain or mercy, and
    will stop at absolutely nothing until you are dead."

~  Multiclienting during automated/GM-hosted events
    and in Battlegrounds is not allowed.


Rule 4 - Account and Player Security

~  Your account is your own responsibility.
    Choose a safe, secure password.

~  If you choose to share your account or password(s) with other players
    or friends, you will hold only yourself responsible for the actions
    of others while playing your account.

~  "It was my little brother" and similar excuses will not cut it.
    The responsibility lies on your shoulders.

~  If you truly believe your account has been compromised,
    you may contact our staff for assistance.


Rule 5 - Staff & Discretion

~  Staff members will always try their hardest to be unbiased
    when dealing with troublesome situations.

~  However, certain high level staff members have the ability
    to act how they see fit.
    Do not believe that you can manipulate or influence them.

~  Trying to impersonate Helpers/GMs/Admins will get you banned.
    Don't be an idiot.

~  Asking the staff if they can do X thing for money,
    will result in a permanent ban.

Use your brain for anything else that isn't listed here.
If it seems like a bad idea, it's probably a bad idea.

"But I didn't know about that rule!" will never be a valid excuse.

Forum rules can be found here.

Date Modified : 06-28-20