SE Saturday Horn 17:00 to 18:00 

Server Information

Here you will find a small and comprehensive list of our features. Check the Wiki and Forum for more info.

Basic Information

   Physical Location and Timezone: Washington, D.C. (UTC -05:00)
   Setting: Renewal+ (fixing and balancing all that's wrong)
   Emulator: Customized Hercules
   Base EXP/Job EXP: 15x

   Quest EXP: 15x
   Item/Equip/Card drop chance: 10x (with exceptions)
   MvP Card drop chance: 1x
   Max Level: 175/60 (3rd Jobs, Rebel, Kagerou/Oboro, Extended SN)
   Max Stats: 130 (3rd Jobs, Rebel, Kagerou/Oboro, Extended SN)
   Max ASPD: 193 (3rd Jobs, Rebel, Kagerou/Oboro, Extended SN)
   Party and Devotion level range: 30
   Idle timeout for EXP and loot: 10 minutes
   Homunculus EXP: 2x
   Homunculus Intimacy Rate: 10x
   150 Inventory slots
   800 Storage and Guild Storage slots

Server's Features

   Re-balanced PVM to bring back party play
   Re-balanced Jobs to promote build diversity

   Re-balanced Mechanics & Equipment
   Many changes aimed to stopping power creep
   Classic Experience & Drop Mechanics
   Friend Referral Program
   Alternative Sprites for Third Jobs (for free)
   83 Female and 77 Male Hairstyles
   127 Hair Colors
   700 Clothes Colors (Kamishi's pack)
   Up to Episode 15.1 "Fantasmagorica"
   Per-character Gender
   12 Character Slots
   800 Storage and Guild Storage Slots
   Official Bank System
   Navigation System (fully translated and updated)
   Balanced Cash Shop and Vote4Points System

Brand New Content

   Undersea City
   Crescent in the Noon
   Infinite Space
   Devil's Palace
   Mors' Cave
   Bios Island
   Airship's Assault
   Memories of Sarah
   Jitterbug's Nightmare
   Illusion Dungeons
   Old Glast Heim
   Nightmare Glast Heim
   Nightmare Clock Tower
   Fire Basin
   Improved new and revamped old content
   New content is always in development!
   jRO Exclusive Equipment
   jRO Exlusive Content
   Champion Monsters

Custom Changes & Additions

   Refinement System Overhaul
   Battlegrounds Adjustments
   Lockbox System
   Headgear Vendor with an extensive inventory
   Headgear Crafter that creates amazing stuff!
   Exclusive Headgear Costume System (costume any hat)
   Eden Group Missions up to level 175!
   Malangdo Island revised (no more Cash Shop-exclusive features)
   Mission Board (provides a wide array of quests)
   Expanded Item Slotting which includes dozens of new items
   Expanded Malangdo Enchanting
   Instance Reentry System
   Dedicated Marketplace map

Custom NPCs

   Job Changer up to Third Job that also provides Platinum Skills
   Stat and Skill Reset NPC (free for low level characters)
   Build Assistant (saves and loads stat and skill profiles)
   One-click Healer (buffs low level characters)
   Warper (first floors of dungeons only)
   Card Remover
   PvP/BG/WoE Warpers
   Guild Manager with Guild Storage and Guild Bank functions
   Name Changer
   Gender Changer
   Event Warper
   Manager that converts voting and donation currencies
   Item Mall with multiple dealers that sell job-related supplies

Advanced Tool Dealer


   Buy Items
   Sell Items
   Mass Identify Items (all unidentified items in inventory, for a price)

Advanced Kafra System

   Storage and Guild Storage
   Rental Services
   Command Management
   Channel Management
   Equipment Repair (for a cost)

   Emergency Teleportation (for those pesky Kafras outside of towns)

@commands for players

   @servertime or @time
   @monsterinfo or @mi
   @iteminfo or @ii
   @whosells or @ws
   @whobuys or @wb
   @whodrops or @wd
   @noks (view range)
   @aloot/alootid/aloottype/nolootid (view range)
   @autotrade or @at
   @channel system (#main, #trade, #bg, etc)
   @itemshortcut or @isc (uses a consumable item you carry)
   @itemdesc or @id (shows in-game description of any item)
   @showsp or @ssp (switches party member's HP and SP bars)
   @adopt (circumvents possible client adoption issues)
   @refresh or @rf (adjusted to prevent exploits)
   @dressingroom or @dr (opens the Dressing Room)

Date Modified : 04-20-20