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Welcome to Leika
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LeikaRO is an International, community-oriented server dedicated to bringing you the best Renewal+ experience possible.

Our goal is to deal with all the issues that plagued Renewal servers for years, such as bugs and exploits, non-working skills, bad balancing, dead economy, stale content and decreasingly lower difficulty.

All of it is done while improving upon the original game and implementing new content and features in more comprehensible ways.

Looking for a unique experience? Join us!

[Event] Valentine's Day 2019 Posted on 14/02/19
  Valentine's Day Event of 2019 (Chocolate cakes, and stolen hearts)       This year, the event's period lasts from February 14th to February 21st, with the EXP rates being increased to x20. Help Chocora by re..
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December 28th | Patch v13.0 Posted on 28/12/18
[ General ] As we haven't had a formal patch for a while, these notes document all that occurred during the past few months. The main highlights are the Crescent in the Noon Instance, Arch Bishop revamp and notable improvements to..
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[Event] Christmas & New Year 2018 | Leika.. Posted on 18/12/18
  Christmas & New Year Events of 2018 (Thieving raccoons, and lonely cats)     [ Christmas & New Year Events ]   This time, the event's period lasts from December 18th to January 1st and the EXP rates are doub..
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May 14th | Patch v12.5 Posted on 14/05/18
[ General ] Added a new dungeon, Illusion of Ice, which just like the previous two, features a wide array of new equipment and cards, quests and boss fights! Arch Bishop now has two new skills, Convenio, which teleports all party ..
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February 12th | Minipatch v11.6 | Valentine's.. Posted on 12/02/18
[ General ] Valentine's Day Event is now active, lasting for a for a week, until February 19th EXP rates are set to x20 during this period Chocora is back and we will host in-game events depending on availability, the headgears be..
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